At one point however you will run into an issue. No matter how much you play and practice you will be stuck. Repetition and intuition on their own are not enough to improve.
            We have to change our approach and use some more advanced tools:
 – Research – Unless you are the best player in the world there is always someone that can teach you something. There are plenty of guides, videos, and articles about the champion you are trying to be good at. Utilize knowledge discovered by other people. Use this advantage as it is nearly impossible for you to discover all the tips and tricks on your own. Fools learn from their own mistakes, wise men learn from the experience of others. If you bump into another player who also plays your champion take a closer look at what they do and how they approach playing with your favourite champion. Also stay up to date with patch notes and new fresh ideas.
 – Experimentation – No man discovers anything if he does not dare to plunge into the unknown. Sometimes you will run into an idea that sticks out from your habits or the meta. Do not dismiss something only because it sounds unreasonable. A person who wants to improve once in a while must do something that sounds foolish. Unranked games are a perfect opportunity to test out of the box ideas before taking them out in more serious games.

 – Self-criticism – Many players very often blame their team for their failings. It is true that your team can drag you down but people can solo their way to diamond or even master and grand-master. If they can do that you also should be capable of it too, in time. If you want to be extraordinary you have to examine your failings and learn from them. Each lost game you have to ask yourself what went wrong? What things could have been improved? Try to be objective and do not miss the big picture. Try to avoid blaming outside factors like team or enemy jungler. These could make it more difficult but by providing excuses you will not improve. – Couching – Being both a student and a master will be extremely difficult. It is simply hard to find and resolve every mistake one makes. It is advised to at least have a consultation with someone who can pin-point your flaws or at least provide a different point of view. Once in a while try to organize a coaching session with a professional coach or more experienced friend.