As many of you are aware of, there are several different types of attorneys that one can choose to become. Some deal with criminal cases, some with divorces, bankruptcy, and the list goes on. Different people choose what branch of law they are going to practice for different reasons. Some attorneys have personal reasons for why they chose their particular branch, some attorneys find the work interesting, but there are always people out there that choose their position based on money. For those of you out there with your eyes out of the green, here is a list of the top paid attorneys.

1. Plaintiff attorneys

These are the lawyers that represent plaintiffs during class action lawsuits or personal injury. Since many of these lawsuits end with the plaintiff being paid exorbitant amounts of money, their attorneys usually get a big piece of the pie. Many of these lawyers agree to take a case pro bono both to build up their reputations and because they can afford it.

corporate attorney

2. Corporate attorneys

Large corporations have a lot of money to burn and the best lawyers know that. This is why they charge high rates to corporations, and the companies are willing to pay those amounts because they need a competent lawyer to represent them in court. From what we have seen from corporations in the last few years, they are going to need as much first class legal help as they can get.

3. Tobacco attorneys

When you are representing the distributors of one of the most lethal products in existence, you better make sure you are getting paid a hell of a lot to do so. Tobacco companies make their billions of dollars by feeding off of people’s addictions, all while deteriorating their customers’ health in the process. This leads to a whole lot of legal trouble, so they need top notch lawyers to bail them out. Some might argue that there is somewhat of a moral issue here, but if all you are looking for is dollar signs, you probably won’t have a problem with a little immorality.

4. Divorce attorneys

We’re not talking about any type of divorce lawyer here, the top paid divorce lawyers take the wheel when there is a ton of money that is being disputed over. Celebrities, socialites, and top executives call these guys when their marriages dissolve so they can get a bigger chunk of money, and of course, their lawyers will be rewarded handsomely for their services. Shelling out some extra money for a decent lawyer could be worth it, being stingy might lose you your house, cars, and dogs if you don’t get the right person for the job.

All of you aspiring attorneys out there, choose one of these if you want to make the big bucks. Just try to remember when you are rolling in piles of cash, money is not everything.