Are you in the law business and in need of an answering service, that is specialized for the specific line of work you need? In today’s world, this is possible. Before we talk about the solution that is out there, we would like to mention some of the new additions to telephone technology. They might be useful for your need.

What is VoIP?

The internet has made it possible for the telephone industry to reach new grounds. This is primarily noticeable in the way new telephone devices use the internet. The so-called IP phones and the VoIP phone service uses the IP network to make telephone calls. Similarly, to well-known Android applications like Viber, WhatsApp, they utilize the internet for transmitting voice messages in real life.

This means that there are phones you can buy that don’t have a conventional sim card, but rather just use the IP network for making a connection with other people. They have all the features of a regular phone and even an address book that is linked to the emails of all the people in your address book. The only downside is that the quality of your phone service depends on the quality of your internet connection.

Lawyers and the VoIP System

The main argument for switching to a VoIP System for telephone call transmission is the financial benefit one gains from making such a switch. This financial benefit can be adapted to the law industry as well. Statistic even shows that the reduction of telephone-related costs in firms that employed such system can be up to 60%, and the cost related to international telephone costs is reduced by 90%.

Also, the overall reduction in the cost of running an attorney answering service in the startup period of the busses is reduced up to 80%. This is a benefit one cannot ignore, especially if you are new to the industry. If you have a conventional law firm, that makes many phone calls in one day you should also switch to IP phones.

Besides the financial benefits of such systems, you will also be able to customize your phone service using the admin account, and all the data you collect can be stored in a clod and easily accessed whenever you need to do so. These phone systems are robots, and the features you can have with them plus the overall cost reduction for your business is definitely a good reason to give this system a chance.

Think about your law practice and the needs that the services you offer demand, and then think abbot the things we said here. There are a lot of reasons why VoIP phones can be useful in the law industry, and they can make cost reductions that can allow for the investment of the funds to bring new additions to the workspace. All of these reasons are worth the first investment into the IP phone system, so don’t wait your time get started on finding the equipment.