When the people you love fall victims to violent crimes, it’s always difficult to accept the situations. In addition to the stress and emotional trauma associated with losing someone, the family also faces the biggest challenge of cleaning up the mess. Whether it’s as a result of natural death, suicide or murder, cleanup isn’t easy and you should never do it alone because airborne biohazards might enter in your respiratory tract through the nose, eyes or throat and cause illness or death. You need remediation services to do the right job for you and if you’ve been wondering how much it costs to clean up a crime scene, you have come to the right place.

So how much should you expect to pay for crime scene cleanup?

Every crime scene is unique and thus biohazard cleanup cost will vary greatly depending on the job. Most crime scene cleanup companies find it easier to visit the area, assess the situation and then give an accurate and professional recommendation after evaluating the scene. As stated earlier, death and crime scenes are usually dangerous and after government agencies carry their investigation, the cleanup process is up to you. Having lost people close to you isn’t easy and you shouldn’t stress yourself even more on cleanup and you should leave it to professionals to do what they do best.

What contributes to the cleanup cost?

Every trauma scene is treated differently. Basically, larger sites or cleanups that demand a fast turnaround time will be more costly when compared to smaller scenes. This means that if the crime happened in your bedroom, you are likely to pay less than anyone requiring the cleanup for several rooms such as the bedroom and the living room.

Pricing factors to consider during the cleanup

  • Level of structural damage
  • Any additional complications
  • Length of time left unattended
  • The number of rooms affected
  • The type of flooring
  • Whether sub-flooring was affected
  • If there’s an odor

Final thought

Crimes come when we least expect and one thing that people need to understand is that regardless of the situation, life must go on. After the crime, the scene must be restored and that’s why you need professionals to do the right job for you. Professional cleanup comes with a price but we cannot give a correct estimate of how much it will cost on your situation because it will depend on the company you choose as well as aforementioned factors.