Commercial litigation normally involves general dispute that arises in several situations and places. Simply, these are disputes the client encounters in the day-to-day business activities. A commercial litigation law firm should, therefore, be well versed with the law and be able to properly assess the dispute whether they are discrete or touch on general issues. Most litigators in the field always strive to be the best and offer very affordable rates.

Many a time, commercial litigation cases involve a dispute between two corporations or a company and an individual. Most of these disputes involve money, contract issues or business related arguments and misunderstandings.

What Are the Common Commercial Litigation Cases?

Basically, all business related conflicts fall under the mentioned category of cases. Any legal conflict arising from corporate disputes normally gets resolved through the commercial litigation process, if the involved parties decide to take this route.

commercial litigation

Breach of Contract

This is perhaps the most common commercial litigation case in the industry. A contract always indicates the terms and conditions to be followed by the involved parties. Additionally, the terms of payment, duties to be performed and more are dictated in the contract. When one party, therefore, violates the terms of the agreement as stipulated in the contract, the offended party can decide to seek legal action. There is a range of disputes that fall under breach of contract; partial, anticipatory, material and specific performance.

Deceptive Trade

Often referred to as fraud, the practice involves activities by a corporation or individual meant to deceive the public into purchasing a product or services. Commercial fraud normally falls into two categories; odometer tampering and false advertising. Misrepresentation by a business unit normally results to fraud.

Real Estate Litigation

Commercial real estate litigation involves income-producing real properties and projects. This includes, but it’s not limited to retail businesses, office buildings, apartment buildings and condominiums, hotels, and industrial and specialty properties. Real estate litigation matters arise in areas of acquisition and financing, but also to development and construction.

commercial litigation and financial disputes

Non-Compete Disputes

When an employer becomes part of a company’s staff, more often than not, agreements are signed to prevent him/her from sharing and disclosing information about the company upon leaving- retirement, resignation or firing. These agreements are mostly non-solicitation, non-disclosure, and non-competition. If the agreements are dishonored, it might call for legal action.

Partnership Disputes

Getting a beginning company is very tough and harder than most people expect. With this, the need to have a partner comes up. A partnership is hard to maintain due to the various and versatile ideas and strategies. When a partnership, therefore, gets argumentative and agreements are broken, commercial litigation is always the best way to solve the dispute.

Employment Dispute

Most of these cases arise from disputes between an employee and the company or employer. A lot of reasons present themselves for such a dispute and it might get difficult and tiresome to handle such a dispute without considering legal action. These disputes include but are not limited to conflict over employee benefits, overtime, health care and the most common, discrimination of any sort.

Handling disputes in a commercial setting prove to be hard if legal action is not taken. There is a wide range of such conflicts and you should always opt for a well reputable and efficient firm or litigation attorney. It is therefore essential to be well versed with information regarding commercial litigation and its processes.