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Most Famous Attorneys on the Silver Screen

While the majority of attorneys on television (save Law & Order) serve a comedic purpose while on screen, the famous film attorneys bring drama to the audiences. Some of the lawyer portrayals have been the best performances that an actor has had during their careers. Attorneys have the lives of their clients in the palm of their hand, and any mistake could directly affect the outcome in a terrible way. When this tension is captured on film, it makes for some of the best cinema available. Here are some of the top attorneys to ever grace the silver screen....

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Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

There are several things you can do in the following days and weeks after an accident to protect your right to compensation should you choose to file an injury claim. Except for filing a formal claim against a government entity, none of the proceedings actually require the counsel of attorneys. However, the following suggestions may make your claim process a little smoother. Personal Injury Attorneys Considerations 1. Write down as much as you can about the accident itself, your injuries and losses that have resulted from the accident. 2. Take notes on the conversation that you had with the...

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When Do I Need a Tax Attorney?

It is unfortunate, but true, that many people do not even consider consulting tax attorneys until they receive one of those dreaded letters from the IRS. Tax attorneys specialize in the complex and technical field of tax law. They are required to attend an additional 1-3 years of law school to receive their Masters in taxation. Advantages of seeking tax attorneys versus another tax professional is the presence of the “attorneys-client privilege” and legal analysis skills only an attorneys possesses. Remember, only conversations with attorneys or their employees are protected by the attorneys-client confidentiality privilege. Generally, this information cannot...

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What Kind of Attorneys Get Paid the Most

As many of you are aware of, there are several different types of attorneys that one can choose to become. Some deal with criminal cases, some with divorces, bankruptcy, and the list goes on. Different people choose what branch of law they are going to practice for different reasons. Some attorneys have personal reasons for why they chose their particular branch, some attorneys find the work interesting, but there are always people out there that choose their position based on money. For those of you out there with your eyes out of the green, here is a list of...

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Common Attorney Terms You Should Know

All attorneys that practice law have had extensive schooling and need to an array of legal terms to be effective while in court. It is obvious that any attorneys that have stepped into a law school will be familiar with these common terms, but we all aren’t attorneys. For the general public, some legal terminology can be a bit confusing and you will not be able to follow what is going on in the courtroom if you do not have some exposure to the commonly used phrases. Here are some of the terms that are imperative for everyone to...

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